Kanati Piping Hot Biskit



 Biskit was our first whippet at Terraway and as such, she was thoroughly spoiled.  She travelled everywhere with me and learned all about Retrieving Trials as well as the show ring and clocked up more kilometres that any of our other dogs!  She is definitely one well socialised young lady.

My heartfelt thanks to Vanessa for entrusting Biskit to me, and to Marg Trask & Sharon Bydder for believing in me.  I've enjoyed the ride immensely and I hope we're doing you all proud.

Very much her mother's daughter, Biskit is a keen hunter and she enjoys chasing tennis balls as much as she does the real thing.  Biskit was retired from the show ring when it became quite obvious that she was definitely not a show pony and would much rather be at home with Wayne, snuggled up to him while I am away showing. 

Biskit made the move to maternal duties and had two litters, one in September 2011 and the second in December 2012.  She has since been desexed and can now enjoy life without the ups and downs of breeding seasons.  Biskit rules the roost at Terraway and she has now adopted Summer as her new found bestie!  Still a cuddle muffin, she can be found snuggled up next to us on the couch at any opportunity, unless it's warmer by the fire of course!

Photo credit - Colin Sarantis (Ibiza Photoz)





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