Terraway Seek N Find

Terraway Seek N Find

DOB 28/7/2002

Sire: Grand RT Ch Reveirter Jet Kite Dam: Terraway Sunburst

From SARDA Inc President Julie Cowan on SARDA-Search & Rescue Dogs Australia K9 – “Terraway Seek-n-Find ..Gus”

Gus passed his first Land/Wilderness Assessment under the guidelines of National SARDA UK on May 22nd, 2004 by International and NSARDA UK accredited Assessor-Tom Middlemas.  Gus was 22 months at the time and Tom Middlemas informed us that he was amongst one of the youngest dogs accredited to International standards in the world.


NSARDA UK standards require dogs to be re-assessed every two years but in 2005, Gus had mastered Urban Search & Rescue standards which require them to search collapsed buildings and rubble sites after earthquakes and general natural disasters.  Tom Middlemas returned in 2005 to accredit Gus to Urban Search & Rescue accreditation and renew his Landsar  accreditation to bring them due at the same time. Gus was accredited again in 2007 and currently is working towards the new Australian Urban Search Rescue Standards which have recently been sanctioned by the Australian Government to include accredited dogs to work according to current International standards.




Mt. DomDom near Healesville-2008


Gus has been deployed on several occasions with SARDA by Victoria Police Search & Rescue.  Gus was used as lead canine during the search of a missing man at Mt.DomDom, and also being involved in follow up searches carried out by Vic Police Search & Rescue. 


Black Saturday Bushfires at Kinglake & Marysville -2009


SARDA  was deployed by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade on Monday February 9th, 2009 to assist in the location of remains after the tragic bushfires that destroyed many towns, farms and homes at Kinglake, Marysville etc.  Gus was deployed as lead canine and located and alerted to many remains of humans, tragically caught in the horrendous fires that occurred.  Gus, along with sardog River, carried out their work extremely efficiently and professionally and assisted the Police Forensic personnel in locating remains using their very efficient noses.  The bacteria, still present on the remains, is easily detected by these scent discrimination trained dogs and saved so much time for the Forensic teams. 


Gus and River were key personnel in the location of the remains of three victims who were missing in the Cumberland Resort in Marysville.  Rescuers had been looking for 3 days for the remains and Gus was deployed on the 4th day to locate and alert to any area under the rubble.  He quickly located and alerted to the area where scent was present and this was also confirmed by sardog “River”.  Forensic Police then completed their task by extracting the remains for identification which was confirmed positive. Gus was also instrumental in locating remains of two deceased persons with just a very small tooth and ash which was later confirmed positive.


Gus has a tireless work ethic and being deployed on the above proved that he has the stamina and intelligence to be a successful sardog and today, at 8 years of age, still shows the younger dogs ‘how it is done, quickly and efficiently’ and is such a true gentleman in every other aspect of his being.


Well done to Terraway and Andrew Cowan for breeding and training a true champion.  He will be remembered for a very long time both Nationally and Internationally for his demeanor and consistent work ability as a highly efficient search & rescue dog. 


Gus was one out of the box from the day he opened his eyes.  Litter mate to Jock (T Total Eclipse NRD), Jazza (T Solar Flare CD AD KDX TDX SD ET) and Ski (RT Ch T Avalanche), Gus displays the wonderful work ethic, intelligence, athleticism and desire to please that made this litter so outstanding. 

Our dear friends Julie and Andrew Cowan of Search & Rescue Dogs Australia (SARDA) had asked us to earmark a pup from this litter for Andrew to train as his first SAR dog.  Little did we know that this partnership would prove to be so incredibly successful.

Gus (or Peter Perfect as he is affectionately known) was a delight to train from the outset.  He always gave 100% and became Andrew's devoted companion.  Together they make a formidable team.

We must congratulate Julie & Andrew on their dedication to Search & Rescue in general, but more specifically, on the amazing job they have done training Gus to such a high standard.   Thank you for entrusting us with the task of breeding you a pup.  We are incredibly proud of the job Gus does! 



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