Dogs of Days Gone By

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This page features photos of dogs we've either owned or bred and who, sadly, are no longer with us.  They have all been an intrinsic part of our Terraway story and have brought enormous joy to their owners.

Featured are -

* Labrador Retriever RT Ch Horrisapit Lash - Cindy

* Labrador Retriever Terraway Top Gun UD RRD - Zach

* Flatcoated Retriever Methwinds The Raven - Benson

* Flatcoated Retriever FT Ch Methwinds The Shining NRD - Woody

* Flatcoated Retriever Halzephron Sea Hawk RRD - Zephie

* Labrador Retriever Terraway Firebird NRD - Phoenix

* Labrador Retriever Terraway Total Eclipse NRD - Jock

* Mini Foxy Torpedo - Torpy

* Whippet Terraway Singing in the Rain - Puddles


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