Our Whippets

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Whippets are relatively new toTerraway.  The decision to add another breed to our canine family was made after meeting a lovely rescue whippet at a Retrieving Trial for Gundogs.  I knew from that moment on that I would have a whippet of my own one day.

Our whippet family has grown considerably in a short space of time and I'm pleased to say that they have become an integral part of Terraway.  They are very sociable, loving dogs and seem to revel in doing all things at whippet-like speed, so much so that the labs can often be seen shaking their heads in disbelief!

Their enthusiasm for retrieving and water games has been a very pleasant surprise given that our irrigation channel is a major source of exercise and playtime.  During the winter, the whippets enjoy nothing better than piling on top of one another in front of the fire as they fight for prime position.  They certainly are a unique and wonderful breed!


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